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In George Orwell’s 1984 the world that materializes before the readers eyes, is a world dominated by totalitarian control. Through fear, oppression, and the Ocianian Government “Big Brother” exercises acts to shape and form a societal nucleus that on the surface looks bright and promising giving rise to new life and hope. It is discovered […]
It was 1984 and the controls everything, including history and reality. George Orwell’s 1984 is a novel that describes the authoritarian rule in Oceania. Winston Smith plans to help Emmanuel Goldstein, leader of the resistance against the State, but the police capture him and his lover and supporter, Julia. O’Brien, who claims to be a […]

Themes in 1984

In 1984
On July 1, 2019
With the rapidly advancing nature of technology and changes in political structure, what once was considered science fiction has in many instances taken on a tinge of reality. Perhaps nowhere is this more readily apparent than with George Orwell’s seminal text, 1984. This dystopian exploration of a fictional region called Oceania contains within it the […]
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