7 Habits of Highly Effective People Short Summary

7 Habits of Highly Effective People Short Summary
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The book by Stephen Covey gives people ideas on how to steer their lives in the right direction by transforming their thinking and general perception of life. It outlines the principles that people should live by for them to be successful. Readers get answers on how to live effectively.

Being proactive is the first value that the author insists one need to have. One needs to understand who they are, what they are capable of achieving, and what is beyond them. Success dictates that one should move from the state of being dependent on total independence. At such a point, people can live their lives through their objectives. Prover understanding of oneself means that people can determine how their lives move.

Secondly, you need to have a vision of the end before you make the first move. Consequently, you can make decisions that can move you towards the goals you intend to achieve. Determine what should guide how you live, select your priorities, stand by your values, and work to accomplish the goals.

Additionally, you need to know the things to put first. Have integrity, be disciplined, and always ensure that you stand by your words. When you know the things that shape your life, and you have the right priorities, achieving life goals becomes easier.

The fourth habit is to ensure that you always have a win-win mentality. To achieve more, you need to cooperate with other individuals with similar goals. As you work with others, you find it easy to solve the conflicts that come up in the course of your cooperation.

Work on understanding other people before you insist on being understood. To be an effective leader, you need to listen to what people have to say. That makes it easy to solve the conflicts that arise during interactions.

To be an effective person, you also need to know how to synergize. Any approach that you take should be guided by qualities such as respect for people, the ability to cooperate and be trusted. It is always good to compromise and find the best method of solving issues.

The last of the seven habits is to always work on improving yourself. You need to do many exercises, rest when exhausted, and meditate on how your life is going. That way, you can keep your social life, mental state, and your spirituality in balance.