A Doll’s House Characters

A Doll’s House Characters
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The drama “A Doll’s House” is a depiction of a woman who rises from the ashes of being a mistreated wife to one of superiority over her husband when she leaves him for good to show how much she has coped with his behavior and attitude over the years of their marriage. The drama gives an insight into the story of a woman who is modern yet loving and wants to do just about everything for her husband. Nora Helmer is the character that has been painted exclusively in this play that is married to Torvald, a husband who loves her only from her physical appearance but does not have any emotional fondness.

The character of this woman who loves her husband without any limits shows the true face of a lady in our society as well as those, which existed, in the recent past. Women are a symbol of love for their husbands and it just shows how much Nora loved Torvald but all is not well in their two-way relationship because Torvald cares more about his ego and social status than loving her wife. She has been shown as an emblem of praise and assistance in every matter for her husband, no matter how down in the dumps he has fallen into. Her husband calls her with different animal names like the little lark and the sulky squirrel when he is happy and filled with emotions but on the whole, he is a coward person at heart who cannot face the harsh realities of life with sheer determination and fortitude. It is only her wife that evokes confidence in her at all times.

Nora’s life has been spent with the males, firstly her father spoon-fed her and then she was humiliated and scared by Krogstad and then her finally getting married to Torvald. She has had special relations with Dr. Rank, who she thinks is a person of a great heart with whom she can disclose the secrets and emotions that cannot be done with her husband. They share a unique sort of bond, which is very touching. She also has a best friend in Kristine who has gone through the harsh realities of life and has had experiences, which no woman of the society can even think of, so she helps Nora come through her hard times with ease. She gives her personal examples so that Nora can understand her life better and in a positive fashion.

Nora lacks independence because she cannot act in the manner she wants to because of Torvald as she wants to see him happy and contented with life in all circumstances. Also, there is a fear within her eyes that what would the society say if she disowned her husband because of his sheepish attitude towards her. But her friend, Kristine’s advice and consultancy overcome all this.

There are three minor characters associated with Nora as well as one of her husband’s. These three characters encompass firstly of her friend Kristine who is there to give her a helping hand whenever she has some problems. She gives her sound advice and opinions based on her private life that has been in the dumps because of Krogstad with whom she wants to marry and have a good life. The other role is of Krogstad who humiliates Nora because he can’t accept the fact that this woman is married to someone working for him as a subordinate, Torvald. Krogstad changed all ends when Kristine gave him the love he wanted from life and started to take his existence in this world as something significant and important, if not for him, then at least for Kristine. This person changed so much so that he started helping Nora and the air of a bad relationship between them was also removed.

Dr. Rank makes up the third minor role in this play whereby he has a secret love for Nora, which is hidden, in his heart but he does not reveal the same to Nora until he is sick and is on the deathbed. Nora feels happy to know but she always took him as a close confidant and a good friend. She used to talk with Dr. Rank about the things concerning her life which she could not with her husband, Torvald because she had a fear her spouse would get mad at her or maybe angry because Torvald held social status as one of his primary aspirations rather than caring for her wife. Nora is connected to the setting of this play whereby she is in interaction with each and everyone, be them having minor roles or one of her husband. She has a deep love for her friend, Kristine as well as her husband and has a good friend in Dr. Rank. As for Krogstad, he was the one who used to humiliate her but ever since Kristine came in his life, he changed all ends up for Nora. Nora is a character in this play, which is eminent from this society’s point of view, one of love and nurture for her husband. It does not necessarily say anything about a woman of past ages because these types of women certainly do exist in this era as well and it can easily be said that Nora is a woman who was there in the past epoch as well as of today’s lifetime.

Nora Helmer has come out as a winner in this play because she is the one to dump her husband due to his indifferent attitude towards her. It might be considered wrong and erroneous on a woman’s part to let go off her husband but what she did in this play without a shadow of a doubt make her the “hero”. After she leaves her husband, the play shows that Torvald is left in all sorts of disarrays and he now wonders whether the attitude he had adopted towards his wife was legitimate and correct or not.


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