A Doll’s House Short Summary

A Doll’s House Short Summary
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This is a three-act play by the author Henrik Ibsen. It revolves around the Helmer family. Torvalds Helmer is the father and a lawyer. Nora is his wife, and they have three young children under the care of a nanny. Helmer has just got a promotion to work at a bank. This leaves his wife excited about solving their financial problems.

Kristine Linde, an old friend of Nora, arrives at their home. While alone, Nora confesses a deep secret about forging her father’s signature to borrow a loan and move to Italy for her husband’s treatment. Since then, she has been secretly saving to pay the loan.

Immediately, Linde leaves the house, Krogstad, who landed Nora money coincidentally arrives. He is aware of her husband’s promotion. He also reveals his knowledge of Nora’s forgery. When Nora’s husband discovers her conversation with the notorious Krogstad, he reprimands her.

In act two, Nora and Linde discuss Dr. Rank, an old family friend. Torvald has decided to dismiss Krogstad and hire Linde. Nora is however aware of the repercussions this might cause. She then tries to convince Torvald not to do it.

Nora then goes to Krogstad and offers to repay the loan fully. However, Krogstad wants a promotion, to leave alone the money. He threatens to write Torvalds a letter explaining her acts. Nora quickly asks Kristine to convince Krogstad to retrieve the letter. Meanwhile, Nora tries to distract her husband through a dance practice.

In act three, Linde finally meets Krogstad and tells him that she would like to rekindle their former romantic relationship. Krogstad is delighted and revokes his earlier decision, but Linde refuses. Finally, Trovald receives the letter through Dr. Rank. Upon reading the letter, he confronts his wife and insults her. Torvald sends another letter claiming to have written off the loan. Torvald forgives his wife, but his wife decides to end the marriage to discover herself after being mistreated by the men in her life. Torvald is devastated but still has some hope that she will come back.