A Good Man is Hard to Find Short Summary

A Good Man is Hard to Find Short Summary
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Grandmother wants to persuade the family to change the vacation destination to Tennessee because there is a misfit that is heading towards Florida. On the day they go for the trip, grandmother secretly puts her cat in the car as well. As they travel, John Wesley claims he is not a lover of Georgia. She gives the stories of the graves and Edgar Atkins Teagarden, who always bought her watermelons every week.

A Well-Written Plot Overview

They make a stopover at the Tower restaurant where the owner claims that people cannot be trusted these days. When the grandmother inquires about the whereabouts of the misfit, Red Sam Becomes worried. The misfit is known to rob people.

When grandmother comes back from slumber in the car, she notices they are near a familiar plantation. Her interesting description of the house near the plantation makes the children want to see it. The family drives deep inside the woods. Grandmother notices she has given the wrong direction. She frightens the cat out of the basket. It scares Bailey, who causes an accident. No one gets hurt apart from the mother who suffers a shoulder injury.

Three men emerge from a stopped car. They have guns. One of them fears children and instructs the mother to hide them. Grandmother notices that the man is misfit and screams. The recognition is not good for misfit. However, misfit promises he does not shoot women.

Bailey is taken to the woods by the other men instructed by misfit. Misfit then apologizes to grandmother for not wearing a shirt claiming they had to bury them after escaping. As soon as the misfit tells grandmother he does not pray, two gunshots are heard. Misfit said that he had been a good child until he was imprisoned for an offense he never committed.

When Bobby and Hiram return, they bring Bailey’s shirt to the misfit. Grandmother fails to recognize the shirt as Bailey’s. As Bobby goes with the mother, the child claims the men look like pigs. As grandmother continues with their conversation about Jesus, gunshots are heard again. Grandmother fears that Bailey is dead. As she also talks about Jesus raising the dead, Misfit shoots her thrice. Lee and Hiram all look at her dead body. To the three, life does not have any pleasure. That is where the piece prepared by Flannery O’Connor ends.

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