A Hedda Gabler Short Summary

A Hedda Gabler Short Summary
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Hedda Gabler, a play by Henrik Ibsen, occurs in the Tesman family’s home. Jurgen and Hedda Tesman are from a 6-month honeymoon, and Hedda is expectant. She is difficult to impress. One morning, Tesman’s aunt, Julie, visits them, but Hedda is unreceptive. Soon after Mrs. Elvsted arrives with the news of Ejlert Lovborg’s arrival. Ehlert is Tesman’s former schoolmate who is now a reformed alcoholic. Hedda sends both Elvsted and Ejlert away. Judge Brack then comes with news that Ejlert is a reputable person, and that he might take the position at the university, which Tesman desires. Hedda informs her husband that they would have to reduce their spending.

Later in the day, Brack comes back to find Hedda toying with her guns. As they talk, Hedda discloses to him how she was bored with her marriage and that she did not cherish the house that Tesman had bought for her. When Tesman walks in, they change the subject to Brack’s party later in the evening. When Ejlert, one of the guests, arrives, he talks privately with Hedda before Elvsted walks in. Hedda pits Elvsted against Ejlert, making him believe that Mrs. Elvsted suspects he would start retaking alcohol. After Hedda’s hint, Ejlert begins drinking before leaving for the party with Tesman and Brack. Elvsted is left upset, and Ejlert makes a promise to come back and accompany her to her home.

Mrs. Elvsted takes Ejlerts word and waits for his return until almost dawn. Suddenly, Tessman comes back and informs his wife that he picked up Ejlert’s manuscript that he had lost during his drunkenness. Tesman wants to return the manuscript, but Hedda distracts him with other news. Brack then comes in with news of Ejlert’s arrest and leaves. Ejlert then arrives and informs Hedda that he had lost his manuscript and that he was suicidal. Hedda offers Ejlert one of her guns and wishes him a wonderful death. After Ejlert leaves, Hedda burns the script, calling it Ejlert’s and Mrs. Elvsted`s child.

In the play’s final act, Aunt Rina has passed on, and everybody is mourning. Mrs. Elvsted then comes and notifies the group that Ejlert was hospitalized. Moments later, Brack comes and informs them that Ejlert was dead from an accidental bullet wound to the chest. As Tesman and Mrs. Elvsted reconstruct Ejlert’s manuscript to commemorate his memory, Brack tells Hedda that a scandal might arise since her gun killed Ejlert. Hedda then resorts to playing the piano for some time, then shoots herself.