A Modest Proposal Essay

A Modest Proposal Essay
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One of the most intriguing literary pieces of his time, Jonathan Swift in his work In A Modest Proposal, Swift truly displays his mounting aggravation at the ineptitude of Irelands politicians, the hypocrisy of the wealthy, as the English exploit his people and his country. It is evident however that Swift does not mock the English as well, he is also very evident in accusing his own team that does not take any initiative to mobilize against these tyrants. In essence, Swift is not happy with either parties and hence vents his anger via his writing. Without excusing any party, it is clear that Swift takes clear shots at not only the politicians but in essence at all of his people. Although he is very clear on his criticism, one cannot question his innate ability to have compassion for his people.

This piece is truly a special one because it embeds Swift’s tactical humor in a style that appealed to the masses. His writing pierced through the emotions of his people with a satire style encouraged individuals to really understand the issues that plagued the politics at his time. Although his paper did not really reach the new heights of journalism he hoped, his writing definitely was appealing to the masses. He is clear in his text as he states, “But my Intention is very far from being confined to provide only for the Children of professed beggars, it is of a much greater extent, and shall take in the whole number of Infants at a certain Age, who are born of Parents in effect as little able to support them.”

It is clear that during his course of writing and arguments, Swift is steadfast that he is not unwilling to hear alternative proposals, even if he feels that they might be effective. It is clear that Swift can be stubborn in his views of reform, but is not very cooperative in embracing other solutions. Moreover, Swift is very decisive in two parts of his arguments. First and foremost, Swift is quick to argue that poverty has taken a toll in his people. In addition, Swift reinforces that influential nationalism that he has possesses.

Swift’s work is a testament of reform in an environment which rulers have exploited the week. His work remains to be a testament in a modern environment in which oppression is wide spread. The Modest proposal aims to fight for the poor class and allows them to think that basic rights and food is not something that should be a luxury. It also serves as hope for the inferior class that are always under the shadows of the elite. As a matter of fact, Frank Sachaffer embraced his social work as he propagated against abortion and government spying.

I think one can also perceive that his work is against government control against the people. Swift makes it obvious that the government should facilitate the growth of the poor and help the country. However, he also embeds human nature and the selfishness of the elites to let the country suffer as they splurge in the resources. Swift’s work has been taken as an advocating for democracy and to promote the well-being of the country itself. This will serve as a crucial key for years to come as many countries are under the umbrella of revolution. Although his work might be conceived as very traditional, it has been a focal point of revolutions in other parts of the world.

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