The Phrases Balance in the “A Modest Proposal”

The Phrases Balance in the “A Modest Proposal”
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Response to Teacher

When stating that the phrases, syllables from the readings demonstrated balance is because of the manner all of these are expressed in both the declaration of independence and the Modest Proposal. The phrases intended by stating these are the clauses maintained in the declaration of independence and the various clauses found in the Catholic Church.

Student Posting

The first post to review is that of the student that sought to discuss The Modest Proposal. I find the student very wise from the manner he identifies the satire in the article. Very few students have the ability to notice some of these issues and this is because they just review the information from a literal view and never get into detail to understand the actual meaning intended by the initial author of such an article. However, the student could have provided more information by reviewing some more concepts rather than focusing on satire.

After reading the article, the student must have observed the manner in which the Protestants that had established themselves as the rulers in Ireland treated the Catholics poorly. However, Catholics did not have the ability to completely revolt against the rules of these people. Effective satire comes from the manner the Protestants introduced some rules that were meant to hurt the Catholics. The student identifies that there got to a point that the Catholics while knowing that they had the right of superiority citing the native religion of the country got tired of the Protestants’ mistreatment. The student does an effective job of noticing that after the revolt the Protestants treated them even worse and this satire.

Student Posting

This student is very effective in the manner he explains the Declaration of independence. This student goes far enough to state some of the clauses present in the Declaration of Independence. Some student could leave these clauses for they would find them unnecessary. However, this particular student was effective in the manner he states some of the freedoms that the American people required.

The student states that the Americans did not hate having a president and that actually they liked having authority for they were sure people would maintain order due to the rules and regulations. Despite the fact that the student discusses the human rights present, it would have appeared more effective if the student mentioned the most important ones rather than just stating random ones. The student is informative from the manner in which he states the country that the United States wanted to gain independence. Stating that England was the particular country is effective and assists people who did not know the colonizer of the United States was. Overall, the student made an informative piece and is quite efficient.