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A Rose for Emily

The short story written by Faulkner manifests aspects of domestic violence in terms of the behavior exhibited by the main character, Emily, towards her potential partner, Homer Barron. The intricate issue of domestic violence is exhibited when one person in a relationship behaves in a way that exhibits a form of control towards the other […]
A Rose for Emily is one of the better known works of Faulkner since as a short story it has been included in several anthologies and collective works. The story itself is quite unique in the manner that is told to the reader since the narrator represents the collective voice of the town where Emily […]
The Sense of the Gothic in A Rose for Emily A Rose for Emily is regarded as one of William Faulkner’s most famous and accessible works. It has a number o unusual aspects, including the use of first-person plural, the non-chronological method of telling the story and the horrific secret that is stored in the […]
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