A Rose for Emily vs The Rocking-Horse Winner: Compare & Contrast

A Rose for Emily vs The Rocking-Horse Winner: Compare & Contrast
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Conflict is an inherent phenomenon in almost every single community. Whenever human beings interact either with one another or the supernatural, conflicts are bound to arise based on some issues. Areas of conflicts vary from one relationship to another, and the level of how aggrieved parties feel, determines the extent of confrontation. ‘A Rose for Emily,’ ‘Araby’ and Rocking Horse Winner’ are classic literary texts that can be used to demonstrate conflicts between man and man, man versus self, and man versus God.

            The text Rocking Horse Winner provides a broad perspective over which a number of issues can be drawn in so far as man relates to self, man, and the supernatural (Lawrence 1223). Paul’s mother demonstrates the extent to which man can have a conflict with the self. A case in point is that Paul’s mother, though beautiful and full of advantages, finds no peace and satisfaction from the various goodies that are around her. One of the things that worry her is the fact that she has no luck whatsoever in whatever she does. The fact that she has no luck in her life is a major point of conflict. Paul’s mother does not realize that luck is not inborn but externally determined (Lawrence 1229). Paul’s mother’s disillusionment in the pursuit of luck makes it difficult for attainment satisfaction in life. Paul has a conflict with the self in the sense that he works hard to make the mother happy. He goes out and comes back late in pursuit of the mother’s help. The end result is that Paul dies trying to make the mother happy, and in the end, he wins a prize. In Araby, the narrator brings to attention the demise of a priest, a factor that leaves in an identity crisis. The narrator is brought up by guardians and the sense of conflict dies when he finds peace by finding a woman to date.

            The conflict between man and God is inherently visible in the text ‘Rocking Horse Winner’. A case in point is that though there are supernatural elements in the setting of the story, they do less to influence the wellbeing of the individuals. Essentially, the supernatural fundamentals try to prove a sense of authenticity other than acting as a source of the solution.  Paul’s frantic chase for money is futile, and this can be seen in the manner in which he rides the rocking horse with the idea that there is something better in store when in reality, the supernatural is less of help to his mission (Lawrence 1230).

            In the text ‘A Rose for Emily’, a conflict is manifested between man and man. A case in point is that Emily is a mysterious figure, who leaves a life confronting people and authorities (Faulkner 5). Emily chooses to follow her own laws and conducts herself in a manner she deems suitable without considering the other people. The conflict is further manifested when she takes the life of a man, who leaves her due to her unbecoming behaviors (Faulkner 12).


            Conflicts can be demonstrated through different relationships in society. The conflict between man versus mean, man versus self, and man versus God is brought about dues to different factors. In the literary text; ‘A Rose for Emily, ‘Araby’ and ‘Rocking Horse Winner,’ various conflicts are manifested to the extent that they provide a broad perspective over which a number of issues can be drawn. Paul’s mother and the son in Rocking Horse winner are conflicted by self while pursuing some level of satisfaction.

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