A Soldier's Home

A Soldier’s Home Analysis

Much of Ernest Hemingway’s fiction concerns the effect that war has on soldiers and their families.  Unlike many of his predecessors, Hemingway did not see war as a heroic effort.  This view may have resulted from his involvement in World War I and the Spanish Civil War.  In his collection…

A Soldier’s Home Summary

     For a soldier, the waterfront is the home away from home. The main theme of the story is alienation which must be understood in tandem with social dysfunction. The outcome of these two aspects in the life of a soldier is disillusionment.      The author depicts the state of…

A Soldier’s Home vs A & P: Compare & Contrast

The story of ‘Soldier’s Home’ written by Ernest Hemingway attempts to disclose the insightfulness of the distress of re-admission into one’s old life. Krebs one of the main characters wants everything to be uncomplicated and yet the world seems to be multifarious to him. On the other hand, “A &…

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