A Wrinkle in Time Short Summary

A Wrinkle in Time Short Summary
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The book by Madeleine L’Engle revolves mainly around three characters. There is Meg Murry, a girl in high school, Charles Wallace, her brother, and Calvin O’Keefe, her friend. In the beginning, the reader is introduced to Meg, who is struggling to fit among her peers in school. Charles Wallace also feels like an outcast in school. Though their classmates think the two are dumb, they possess immense intelligence. Charles Wallace can read people’s minds.

Later, Charles Wallace befriends Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Who. Although these women are considered strange, they decide to take Meg and Charles on a journey to rescue their father. Together with Calvin, Charles and Meg are magically transported to a strange planet, Ariel. The process through which they move to the location is referred to as wrinkling.

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Once they reach Uriel, the Massive blackness which is believed may soon overtake the Earth is revealed to them. They are told to be powerful people such as Jesus who could prevent the Dark Thing from taking over the Earth.

It is an Oracle, Happy Medium, who give them the direction they should take. The children reach Camazotz, a planet already under the spell of the Dark Thing. In this planet, everyone and everything is the same, and there is no creativity. The Man who has Red Eyes attempts to confuse them so that they can follow IT magically. The evil force takes over Charles.

Later, they meet Meg’s father. IT had imprisoned him. Through many heroics, rescues her father, who was held in a glass chamber. Charles directs them to meet IT. The realize that IT is composed of a dismembered brain. The pulses from the brain are trying to put Calvin and Meg under a spell. By Tessering from the planet, Mr. Murry saves them before they are hypnotized.

They move to another planet, Ixchel. Here, Aunt Beast, a giant heals Meg. The Beast directs Meg to save Charles Wallace. Meg later goes back to Camazotz to confront IT. She uses the power of love that she received from Aunt Beast to fight IT. Because IT does not have that power, Meg defeats it. As Charles and Meg embrace, they are brought back to earth where they meet their family members again. The book ends on a positive note.