Three Important Persons that Santiago Met in the Alchemist Novel

Three Important Persons that Santiago Met in the Alchemist Novel
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Santiago, the shepherd boy who dreams of traveling to Egypt, meets many different people on his journey. Three of the most important people he meets are an alchemist, a crystal merchant, and an Englishman.

The alchemist is a mysterious figure who helps Santiago to understand his “Personal Legend” and teaches him the secret of turning lead into gold. The crystal merchant is a wise and generous man who helps Santiago to finance his journey. The Englishman is an educated traveler who befriends Santiago and helps him to understand the language of the alchemists.

Each of these three people plays an important role in Santiago’s journey, helping him to learn more about himself and the world around him. Through their friendship and guidance, Santiago is able to fulfill his dream of finding treasure in Egypt.

Who Was the Alchemist in the Novel?

The alchemist in the novel Santiago is a man named Melchizedek. He is an enigmatic figure who helps Santiago on his journey to find his Personal Legend. Melchizedek is a teacher and a sage, and he imparts wisdom to Santiago throughout their time together. He also has a great deal of knowledge about alchemy, and he uses this to help Santiago transform his lead into gold.

Melchizedek is a mysterious character, and little is known about him. He appears out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly. He does not seem to age, and he has a great deal of knowledge about the world. Melchizedek is also very wise, and he is able to help Santiago understand the importance of pursuing his Personal Legend.

While Melchizedek is a helpful and wise teacher, he is also a bit of a mystery. It is never quite clear where he comes from or why he has chosen to help Santiago. Nonetheless, Melchizedek plays an important role in Santiago’s journey, and he helps him to find success in the end.

How Did the Crystal Merchant Help Santiago?

The crystal merchant helped Santiago by giving him a job and teaching him the trade. The crystal merchant was also very generous, giving Santiago a portion of his profits. Santiago was able to learn from the crystal merchant and eventually become successful himself. The crystal merchant’s help was instrumental in Santiago’s success.

Who Was the Englishman and What Did He Teach Santiago?

The Englishman was an older man who Santiago met while traveling through Spain. He taught Santiago many things, including how to read tarot cards and interpret their meaning. He also showed Santiago how to find his Personal Legend, or life’s purpose. The Englishman believed that everyone has a Personal Legend, and it is our duty to follow it. This advice changed Santiago’s life and led him on his journey to find his treasure.


Santiago’s journey is helped along by many different people, but three of the most important are the alchemist, the crystal merchant, and the Englishman. Each of these people plays a key role in Santiago’s life, teaching him valuable lessons and helping him to achieve his dream. Thanks to their friendship and guidance, Santiago is able to find success and treasure in Egypt.