All the Light We Cannot See Short Summary

All the Light We Cannot See Short Summary
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A light we cannot see is a novel by Anthony Doerr that is set during World War II. Its chapters alternate between the characters Werner Pfennig and Marie Laure LeBlanc and also the siege of 1944 for Saint-Malo by the Allied forces

A Quick Overview of the Plot

Marie is raised in Paris by his father, Daniel Leblanc. She is blind from age 6 and learns how to cope with the help of her father. He replicates their neighborhood in a model so she can navigate independently and also provides her with braille books that open up her world to imagination.

Werner is raised in an orphanage with his sister called Jutta. He is quite intelligent, and he builds a radio that picks up broadcasts from far away in other cities. The broadcasts, especially a scientific one from the French, makes them hope for a better life. Werner is poor and runs the risk of ending up like his father, who was dead, working in the mines. Werner gets an opportunity to escape the fate of the mines by getting admitted to a school sponsored by Reich.

Both Marie and Werner encounter challenges. Werner struggles with poverty, and Marie has to deal with blindness in the absence of her mother, who died during her birth. The challenges reveal the strengths they possess. Marie has love and imagination, while Werner has creativity and intelligence.

Werner sees Marie walking down Saint Malo in the street and falls for her. He even rescues her from a near death experience and aids her in escaping the city, which was under siege.

The story extends to after the war and explores the consequences of the bravery of Werner and also through the survival of Marie-Laure. Through the son of Jutta, Max, the reader, sees Werner’s creativity passed down n longer under the shadow of poverty. The end of this novel leaves the reader with the triumph of light over darkness even in great circumstances