And Then There Were None Short Summary

And Then There Were None Short Summary
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As the novel by Agatha Christie begins, eight strangers have been called to an Indian Island. All of them are unsure of who called them. While there, they meet the last people on the island, Mr. and Mrs. Butler. They all have a poem named ‘Ten Little Indians’ in their rooms. As they eat, a voice tells them that they have all killed someone at a certain point. Therefore, they have to be punished while on the island. It is Marston who first takes a drink and dies.

That night, no one sleeps comfortably. Early the next morning, they discover the dead body of the cook. Though they think he has died of natural causes, they begin to suspect each other. When they search the island, they realize they are the only people there. Therefore, one killing is one of them.

Rogers disappears and is later found dead. Paranoia takes over the camp. It is Emily that mysteriously dies next. Wargrave suggests they should take all the weapons. However, they cannot find the revolver even after a thorough search.

They decide they should stay together with only one person leaving at a time. When they go to check on Vera who went to her room, they return to find the judge dead. The same night, Armstrong goes missing. There is a feeling that Armstrong is the killer. Blore is crushed to death. Lombard and Vera are now certain that Armstrong is the Murderer. However, they later find his body. Out of suspicion, Vera shoots Lombard. Back in the room, Vera finds a noose and hangs herself because of the guilt. When the police find dead bodies on the island, they find it hard to piece the puzzle. However, they find a note written by Wargrave giving the details of how he led the other people to their death.