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Animal Farm

George Orwell’s celebrated work Animal Farm (1945), a dystopian allegorical novella, has been recognized as a literary piece which satirizes certain characteristics in human nature through its key characters. It is fundamental to recognize that the novelist makes use of these characters in order to establish that the leaders as well as the followers in […]
Napoleon rises to power by taking part in the revolution and co ing the Commandments of Animalism. Napoleon’s position as the rebellion’s co-instigator confers upon him an unquestioned role of authority. Napoleon’s private agenda is first indicated over the cows’ milk. “Never mind the milk!” claims Napoleon, asserting his authority and responsibility, while allowing himself […]
Research paper Many today and historically have communicated various messages to their audiences depending on political, social and economic environment that they found themselves in. George Orwells message was not an exception. Growing up in highly charged political environment, his later message was majorly political. George Orwells tried to address various political injustices including corruptions […]
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