Animal Farm Quiz Answers

Animal Farm Quiz Answers
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1 Napoleon needs someone to blame for everything that goes wrong with his revolutionary plan. Squealer keeps the hopes of common animals high, reminding them about Boxer’s belief in the cause. Anything that might make animals point fingers at him or Napoleon is blamed on Snowball. Allegedly he had always been an ally of Jones. The Battle of Cowshed also saw him as the traitor. If Napoleon gets blamed for everything it will hamper his efforts, he needs an escape goat.

2 The confessions are forced out of some animals. It proves how powerful Napoleon is. The animals did not commit those crimes. They only wanted a way out of the brutal torture. They believe that after publicly confessing their lives will be spared. The confessions and torture also served as an event to distract attention from food shortages. The executions demonstrated to other animals what awaits them if they stepped out of line. Napoleon carved out horrifying examples through executions.

3 Squealer forbids singing Beasts of England because it was no longer serving the purpose of revolution. It was solely glorifying Napoleon. Moreover, the claim was that the revolution was over, there was no need for a rebellious song, fearing that singing it might trigger another rebellion against the pigs.

4 Napoleon sets himself apart from other animals by disobeying the commandments. He avoids the hardships of the commandments by disobeying and leaving the burden of obedience on other animals. He starts eating in China dishes and seldom appears publicly. He also starts glorifying himself as the communist leader of other animals. This reminds me of leaders that preach what they cannot do themselves. Political leaders behave like that as they talk of morality and rule of law when they live lavish lifestyles through corruption.

5 Napoleon sells the woodpile to Frederick but he gets cheated in the deal by double crossing him. Napoleon tries to sell the woodpile to the best bidder, Pilkington is the other bidder. Finally he decides to sell it to Frederick. Frederick tries to cheat him first by paying through check but Napoleon insists that he would only take cash. Frederick complies but gives him fake cash.

6 The pigs feel depressed on their loss at the windmill despite their victory at Battle of the Windmill. The animals had spent years building that windmill and it gets demolished right in front of them. They rebuild their courage and start rebuilding it. Snowball was the revolutionary and the windmill was a symbol of his dreams. The pigs are the worst affected by it, other animals also loose hopes as they realize their dream of animals farm is no more.

7 Changing the last human behavior was important because it gave the paint the leverage to hide their deceitful breach of the Commandments. It can be implied that humans are inherently corrupt and as long as the animals had a ball between human behavior and animal behavior they were safe and were existing in coherence. As soon as animal behavior was modified to resemble a little bit with the human behavior it brought destruction and chaos to their society. The modification to the Commandments was a justification for the action of the pigs.

8 Moses the raven is symbolic of religion and preaching. Initially the pigs take him out of the farm the same way religion was banned in Russia. But when the animals are in misery Moses, the raven returns and now the pigs tolerate him. They see that this creature brings promise of a bright future and this gives the animals comfort and solace.