Animal Farm Research Paper

Animal Farm Research Paper
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Research paper Many today and historically have communicated various messages to their audiences depending on political, social and economic environment that they found themselves in. George Orwells message was not an exception. Growing up in highly charged political environment, his later message was majorly political. George Orwells tried to address various political injustices including corruptions that were happening in the society at this era an author. Taking one of his classical books The Animal Farm there are a lot of evidence that confirms the fact that he was a political author (Rodden, 86).

In his books, George Orwells message has always been filled with political innuendos that at the end of the day make the readers of his work identify with his deep political appeal. In a regime where political corruptions are tolerable passing transformative message can be a challenge but George Orwell found refuge in cleverly using symbolism. It is essential to state that his style and message is always direct, simple, clear and unadorned to comprehend his political ideology (Hitchens, 64). One can agree that George Orwell had an obsession or probably adoration for prosaic precision making his hallmark style of straightforward, plain English was famous.

The book The Animal Farm talks about the corruption of the revolution by those in power. The book does so through the portrayal of how greed, wickedness ignorance, indifference destroys all chance of a Utopia. Animal Farm singles out degenerate regime as the blemish in upheaval (and not the demonstration of revolution itself), it additionally demonstrates how potential lack of awareness and impassion to issues inside an insurgency could permit revulsions to happen if smooth move to an individuals transition isnt fulfilled (Rodden, 92). Apparently not incredulous all-to-familiar corruption that undermines the objective of the revolution: in which those driving the insurgency rally the masses less for the benefit of the masses, however so that the pioneers can accept the part of expert, complete with the majority of the harsh behavior that runs with a dictator regime. This political ideology is that Communist views cannot operate without using excessive power; likewise political regimes can effortlessly be corrupted by power-hungry individuals.

One can argue that Orwells objective as a political novelist was a unquenched thirst to convert political writing into art while retaining the same message to his audiences. Orwell’s political views were shaped by his long experiences of corruption, Socialism and dictatorial all across the world. Orwells saw his obligation as being to avoid ” flattering the Left while attack the Right,” but not to. Through critical analysis of his work, he wrote directly or indirectly for Democratic Socialism and against Totalitarianism, as he had a lot of experience. He then proceeded to write Animal Farm as a true reminder of the facts and insinuation of the Russian Revolution (Rodden, 54). This was during the era of Stalins rise to power and the circumstances surrounding his rise to power as a totalitarian dictator.

The universal message from “Animal Farm” is that all brutal revolutions which intend to and at first succeed in toppling severe totalitarian regimes, after a short idealistic period of quick break down in repressive and totalitarian regimes themselves. Orwell describes and clarifies this significant universal truth by his allegorical use of animals. For instance, the pig Napoleon is vividly the farm of Stalin. These animals and the situations likewise represented the characters and the nature of the Russian Revolution. Basically, Orwell wanted to protect Socialism from Communism. Nonetheless, Animal Farm was not just a satire on the Russian regime, George Orwell’s political message was supposed to be broad and applicable even to the modern day audience.

As exemplified in the paper, George Orwell style and message was geared towards a political angle. Many have argued that this could be probably due to the political environment at the wake of his book and the experience. For instance, in the book Animal firm, George Orwell’s allegorical involvement of various animals effectively communicates his political message. Nonetheless, the contemporary society can learn a lot from the political message and style used by George Orwell to communicate (Colls, 77). Though critical analysis, we should always question those in rule criticize their policies and actions at will. In other words, the citizens should be aware of government’s decisions with various leaders in the government could be found of greed and corruption or lack of concern for the well-being of their citizens. It is worth stating that the implication of ignorance affects the society at large thus lack of concern or ignorance can never be tolerated in contemporary society.

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