Central Issues in the Play Antigone Essay

Although the ancient Greeks worshipped a large pantheon of gods, they still had many deep religious convictions and values that are reflected in the values we still hold today.  These include ideas such as honor and loyalty to family and loved ones as well as ideas regarding fidelity to religion…

Fear of the Law in Antigone

The main conflict of ideas in the play Antigone is between the law of man and the law of gods. The character performs the burial rights on her brother despite it being forbidden to be done, even though according to the gods everyone should receive proper burial rights. To examine…

Creon’s Actions in Antigone

Creon and the Concepts of Arete, Hubris, Ate and Nemesis in Antigone The character of Creon in Antigone can be analyzed in relation to the ical concepts of arete, hubris, ate and nemesis. Creon pretends to be a man of arête (one who has reached the pinnacle of human virtue),…

“Antigone” and the Balance between the Laws of God and the Laws of Man

Introduction One of the most famous tragedies written by the famous Greek writer Sophocles is the tragedy entitled “Antigone,” which was written at around 442 BC (“Antigone” n. p.). This tragedy actually focuses on the issues surrounding the burial of Polyneices (which Creon the new king of Thebes forbids as…

Antigone vs Creon Essay

Antigone , a tragedy, was written by Sophocles around 442 BC. The two main characters of the play are Antigone and Creon. Both have strong and different ideas about what is wrong and what is right leading to much conflict between them throughout the play. The conflict between the two…

Who is the Hero of Antigone?

The question of who the hero of Antigone is can have various different answers depending on the definition of hero. It is generally accepted that a hero is a person who is characterized by “exceptional strength, nobility and courage”. It shall be understood for the purposes of this analysis that…

Antigone Short Summary

There is a siege in Thebes. Those involved are brothers; Polynices and Eteocles. By the end of the war, the two brothers kill each other. Their death was predicted by their father, Oedipus, who was once the ruler of the kingdom. Before Oedipus died, he had instructed his sons to…

Literary Analysis Essay: Wings of Desire and Antigone

The author, LA MacKay through this article has provided a comprehensive insight into the themes of revolt and conflict illustrated through the characters and sentiments of the play, Antigone and hence proves to be a valuable resource for the study of the same. The article has been published by the Transactions…

Personal Freedom and the Role of Women

The play “Antigone” is a play about the acceptance or rejection of authority, or, rather, about an individual’s relationship to authority. The questions posed by this play are apt for everyone to ask throughout their entire life, and indeed in all circumstances in order to critically examine the way one…

Character Analysis of Oedipus the King and Creon

Characteristics of Oedipus in Oedipus the King that led to his downfall: Sophocles’ Oedipus the Kingnarrates the tragic saga of Oedipus and of how he creates his own downfall. Just like every other tragic hero, Oedipus has his own tragic flaws and such other characteristics, which directly cause his downfall….

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