As You Like It Analysis

As You Like It Analysis
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In the play “As you like it” by William Shakespeare we see at the beginning that several characters are evicted from society and they look for shelter in the country (Shakespeare 5). Nonetheless, life in the country offers them to live without rules and pretense. The residents of the forest feel invaded by the new residents. The new residents bring with them rules that interfere with the lives of the hosts. The characters find peace in the forest and they are seen to be happier while in the forest. Love manifests too, love and forgiveness prevail. Nonetheless, the characters learn there is peace back home and they return leaving the forest to its owners.

In addition, the play also depicts a number of merits. For instance, love dominates the play as the main theme. For instance, love, at first sight, can be seen between several young characters in the play; Rosalind and Orlando and between Celia and Oliver (Shakespeare 6). Nonetheless, a different kind of love that can be defined as romantic love is seen to nourish between Audrey and Touchstone. In addition, Rosalind and Celia show a strong bond that represents friendship love. The play was about love and the challenges involved that make the relationships work (Shakespeare 7).

Forgiveness can also be seen in the play. For instance, at the beginning of the play duke Fredrick is seen to be harsh and cruel. His cruelty sends his brother the former duke to exile which is in the forest. Oliver on the other hand is seen to have so much hate towards his brother Orlando and tries to make his fortune. Nonetheless, at the end of the play Fredrick becomes a changed man and asks for forgiveness, in addition, he gives back to his brother the position of the dukedom. Oliver after falling in love gets a change of heart and reconciles with his brother Orlando (Shakespeare 11).

The play is so similar to the original play in so many ways. Its themes of love, injustice, and forgiveness can also be seen in the play. In addition, its settings are quite similar. The characters occupied the court and the forest just like in the original play. In addition, the disguise used by key characters as males was also used in the play.

The disguising part of the female gender to be males is not so pleasing. The two characters could have used other means to escape rather than disguising themselves as men (Shakespeare 12).  This was somehow problematic and disturbing. It was like demeaning the female gender. Another problem in the play, was when the true males fell in love with disguised males.  It was also difficult to understand the play in the forest scene since the disguised characters were confusing.

The play teaches more about love. Love can overcome all impossibilities to succeed. The love that existed amongst different characters was a strong and deep love that made the characters to seek even impossible means to make the love work. The search for true happiness and love is full of challenges and the characters could prove that possible.  Forgiveness is also another teaching portrayed in the play. The reigning duke was cruel and he forced his brother to exile, nonetheless, the afterlife teaches him a lesson he asks for forgiveness and reconciles with his brother.

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