As You Like It Short Summary

As You Like It Short Summary
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The play by William Shakespeare begins when Sir Rowland De Bois dies. It is Oliver who takes over the estate. However, Olive refuses to take care of Orlando, the younger brother. Eventually, he goes ahead to chase Orlando away into the woods.

Meanwhile, Duke Senior has also lost his ship to Duke Ferdinand, his brother. Senior is also living in the same woods where Orlando went. However, Senior’s daughter Rosalind is permitted to stay within the confines of the court because of her close relationship to Celia.

There is a wrestler called Charles from the court controlled by Duke Ferdinand. He had warned Oliver to be cautious when dealing with Orlando because Orlando intends to take over the estate. Later, Charles defeats Orlando in a wrestling match. Orlando and Rosalind later fall in love.

When Orlando returns to them, he is warned of Oliver’s plan to kill him. Orlando and the servant (Adam) leave the court again. Meanwhile, Duke Ferdinand tells Rosalind to leave the court. She leaves together with Celia.

Orlando stumbles on Duke Senior and his group in the forest, and he joins them. Duke Ferdinand sends Oliver to search for her daughter. Oliver takes the chance to deal with his brother and defeats him completely. Rosalind and Celia meet Silvanus. The two later meet Orlando who still loves Rosalind.

When searching for Orlando who misses his lesson, they meet Oliver. He loves Celia. Oliver says Orlando saved him when he was attacked by a lion. In a twist of events. Rosalind and Orlando get married while Celia is married to Oliver. After that, they are told that Ferdinand has repented and decided to return the estate. Duke Senior takes over the leadership of the court, and everyone is happy with the way things have turned out.