Babylon Revisited Short Summary

Babylon Revisited Short Summary
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Babylon revisited, a short tale by F. Scott Fitzgerald, demonstrates how atonement is a lot more complicated than we can think. It revolves around Charlie Wales, the protagonist. Charlie is an American businessperson who works in Prague. He is back in Paris to close his heart by reclaiming Honoria, his young daughter. She has lived which Charlie’s in-laws, Marion Peters and Lincoln, together with their two kids, for the last three years. Charlie has reformed his past behaviors of extravagance and alcoholism. However, Marion, Charlie’s sister in law doubts him and has cold regard for him. However, Lincoln is accepting and warm towards him, and so is Honoria.

One day after an anxiety-filled family supper, Charlie decides to take his daughter for lunch. Things are seemingly going well as they reconnect. Nevertheless, matters become a bit difficult when Duncan and Lorraine, Charlie’s acquaintances from his tainted past, run into them while they are having lunch at the restaurant. Now that Charlie is in the company of his daughter, he attempts to avoid the couple, whom he knows have not changed from their old and disruptive habits. However, they once again run into them accidentally later in the evening while attending the Vaudeville Show.

Following a stiff drink with his old friends, Honoria and Charlie go back Nome. The two talk about the possibility of living together, as father and daughter. Nevertheless, Marion does not seem pleased by this arrangement, and furiously brings up Charlie’s past transgressions that were usually violent. Marion connects his behavior to her sister Helen’s death. During this outrage, Charlie maintains his composure, making him emerge victorious in his argument with Marion.

The next morning, Lincoln brings good news to Charlie. Marion has agreed to allow Charlie to have custody of his daughter Honoria. However, Charlie’s delight is diluted by memories of Helen and a letter from Lorraine. Despite this, he is still in high hopes as he makes final arrangements for the departure of Honoria, as they embark on a future together.

However, Charlie receives surprising visitors while at Peter’s hours: drunk Lorraine and Duncan. Their unannounced arrival makes Marion throw a tantrum, after which she steams off. Honoria’s future living with her father is now in limbo. The next morning, Lincoln tells Charlie that Honoria’s departure has now been postponed for six months by her aunt, Marion. At this juncture, it is uncertain what events transpire afterward.