Beloved Short Summary

Beloved Short Summary
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Beloved is a book by Toni Morrison based on real-life facts. This makes it a very horrifying tale. The author got inspiration from Margaret Garner. This is a woman who murders her 2-year-old daughter to save her from returning to slavery in 1856. However, before killing her other children and committing suicide, slave kidnappers were able to pry the knife from her hands. Morrison uses this story to create a narrative of a baby who comes back to haunt her mother.

A Quick Overview of the Plot

This story begins in Cincinnati whereby Sethe, formerly a slave and currently a cook resides at 124 Bluestone Road. She lives with Denver, her daughter, and Baby Suggs, her mother-in-law. Fifteen years before the onset of the story, Sethe murdered her two-year-old daughter in an attempt to save her from being taken back to the bondage of slavery. Her community is aware of the murder and ostracizes Sethe. Her two sons, Howard and Buglar, escaped many years before the onset of the novel.

After the death of Baby Suggs, Sethe and Denver remain in the house alone. The baby’s ghost constantly haunts them. Strange people and even furniture are often seen mysteriously moving around the house. However, Sethe seems to have accepted her fate. However, Paul D. Garner, a former slave who knew Sethe back in their days of slavery, arrives at their home and moves in. Garner gets welcomed and becomes part of the family. Garner brings back some of the painful memories from both his and Sethe’s experiences. However, Denver grows jealous of the love and attention Sethe offers him. Nevertheless, the baby’s ghost has disappeared, and both Sethe & Denver find relief.

However, no sooner had Denver become complacent with the new family situation than a strange woman suddenly appeared at their home. She goes by the name Beloved and claims she is neither aware of her identity nor where she comes from. The deceased baby was also named Beloved.

Beloved lengthily interrogates Sethe about her past and appears to be aware of events only known to Sethe. This makes Seth rather uncomfortable. Nevertheless, she welcomes Beloved to stay with them because Denver was lonely and needed a friend. After that, Sethe is left wondering if Beloved could see an incarnate of her daughter. Garner does not want Beloved to stay but can do nothing about it. He is not the owner of the house; neither is he a legitimate family member