Beowulf Epic Hero Essay

Beowulf Epic Hero Essay
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Beowulf is one of the initial renditions of the epic tradition that was in all probability set in the 8th century England whereby it has toldthe tale of the classic hero Beowulf. It has for the most part fulfilled the necessities for a saga concerned with gallant magnitudes and in the heroic convention. The constituent of historical strength instills it with the characteristics that are linked with the classic fable. One might not give due notice but it is a fact that the strong atrocious men of this epoch have been quite instrumental in gaining access to our minds day in day out. Pretty needless to state is the fact that these warriors are more or less present in our civilization as well, though the same are not taken in a positive sense at all and acclaimed as being the street gangs and thus the negative connotation lingers on with them no matter what happens. [Nye, 1968] Thus it is true that even though Beowulf is viewed as a hero, yet his traits and peculiar habits are something that one can proudly relate with and talk about from time to time, at least as far as this story is concerned.

Beowulf, in this story has been shown as a person who is an epic hero, brave honorable, and dignified, with vast generosity and munificent loyalty. While in the novel, he is portrayed as an unsettling stranger that connives his way into everyone’s life by his dangerous nature and entrancing stories. In the poem, the character Beowulf is viewed as a true epic hero. He is very brave, has great strength, and is viewed by his peers as a person like God. He has won many battles, and completed many tasks that normal people would not have the guts to face. [Wright, 1957] Beowulf is very brave and loyal, because he will risk his life to rid the beast. He also goes on to tell his people that if he does not survive they can have his possessions.

Beowulf used his super human physical strength and courage to put his people before himself. He encountered hideous monsters but never feared the threat of death. Beowulf is the ultimate hero who risked his life countless times for immortal glory and for the good of others. Another fictional hero who possessed these qualities is He-Man, a nineteen eighties cartoon super hero. Their backgrounds, their trusted friends, and their super human strength make them epic heroes of their time. The quality that makes them heroes is the deep respect and responsibility he had for his people. His grand father King Hrethel raised Beowulf. Beowulf matured according to the appropriate expectations of royalty. His maturity drove him to test his strengths and abilities to the limit. He had to prove to himself and others that he is of heroic success. Beowulf goes to Denmark to prove his heroism. Like Beowulf, He-Man came from a royal family too. Beowulf’s role in society was almost identical to that of a Knight. Only, unlike the Knight, Beowulf made the choice to have this role in society. He was considered the strongest warrior around. He could fight anything, and would easily fight for his King and country. Beowulf knew of his power and strengths and probably considered this to be his role in society, to serve and to protect his country and those in need. This honor gives a good example of Beowulf’s heroism.

In the end, it could be rightly stated here that the role played by Beowulf is nothing short of being remarked as one of a heroic one as it has more or less been a classic saga that has touched the hearts of one and all. The close resemblance and in certain cases thinking of Beowulf in the stance of being hailed as a Knight raises the stature that is attached with Beowulf in the first place and thus it leaves no doubt whatsoever in the reader’s mind that Beowulf was without a shadow of a doubt an epic and a blockbuster in the classical sense of the word to say the least. The bravery and the sense of courage that lies in his nature and which has come up to be hailed as something to be proud of, at least on the part of Beowulf would eventually go quite a long way in describing his personality, the attached traits and characteristics as well as the renditions that have been accounted for in this play every now and then.

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