Mabel Jones Character Analysis

Mabel Jones Character Analysis
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Dr. Mabel Jones is the mother of Prince Jones. She is a chief radiologist. Mabel comes from a poor background. She made her way through school in determination to achieve great things such as becoming class president. She studied at Louisiana State University on a full scholarship. Later she got into the navy and then sometime later became the radiologist she is today. Through her education, she experienced much racism. She, like Kenyatta, recited Bible passages as a young student. She displays much calmness and does not acknowledge any discomfort in the life she led to getting there. Despite her achievements, Dr. Mabel remained humble. As a mother, she provided the best environment for her son. She took him to private institutions and even wanted him to attend Harvard University or Yale. Dr. Mabel shows much control over her emotions. She did not cry on hearing of her son’s death. Although she was distraught, her pain was physical. She turned to prayer after death. She is a strong woman and admits that even though she provided a great environment, it could not protect her son from death. Dr. Mabel is a symbol of hard work, strength, and perseverance.