Prince Jones Character Analysis

Prince Jones Character Analysis
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Prince Jones, son to Dr. Mabel Jones, was a privileged child who lived with his mother in a gated community. He was surrounded by resources and also the best opportunities available. He attended private schools throughout his education until Howard. He was an intelligent young man who did well in school and had friends since he was young. Prince is described as a handsome man who was kind and religious. His mother wanted him to attend an Ivy League school for his university such as Harvard, but Prince preferred Howard as he did not want to be the representative of the race black people in the schools. He prefers a normal life away from the pressure of having to be the symbol of the race as he was in private schools. Prince is also depicted as somewhat naïve as his mother had not completely prepared him for the world. He gets killed by a police officer after being pulled over. The officer claimed that he thought Prince wanted to run over him. Prince had a fiancée whom he left behind, who was pregnant at the time with a daughter. The most important quality Prince portrayed is the ability to fulfill a promise.