Samori Coates Character Analysis

Samori Coates Character Analysis
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Samori is son to the Author and Kenyatta Mathews. His name comes from the African leader Samori Toure of Guinea who was part of the resistance against colonization in their country. When the book is being written, he is 15 years old. The author portrays him as a curious young man who was sensitive to injustice. He also has a clear sense of justice. Samori has come to understand early the hostility of the American environment to black people. His father has been mentioning some killings which make Samori see that racism is real. Samori is sad when the officer who was responsible for killing Mike Brown avoided punishment from the system. He cries following these events. Samori represents the age of the technologically advanced age and social media. His father provides him with teachings meant to guide him how to live as a black man in the US. Samori receives many guidelines from his father, who takes him on several locations with him, such as to visit the mother whose son was killed. He is told by the woman that he exists, he matters, and he has value.