Bird Box Short Summary

Bird Box Short Summary
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Malorie, together with her sister Shannon, finds out that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, there are a series of strange deaths and suicides within their neighborhood. The two stay together in their apartment, hoping to stay safe. It is believed there is a creature that kills people through sight. To survive, people stay indoor and cove their eyes. Shannon also sees a creature and ends up killing herself. Malorie looks for a safer place where she finds Don, Felix, Cheryl, Jules, and Tom. They accept that Malorie can stay with them.

A Complete Plot Overview of Bird Box

Later, Olympia, another pregnant woman, comes to the safe house after Gary. Those in the hose debate if they should send Gary away since the house is full. It is Malorie that votes for Gary to remain. Gary narrates the story of Frank, who removed his blindfold with the belief that the animal could not affect him. There is division in the house after a while. One group is made of Don and Garry. The rest of the occupants are in another group.

Malorie also discovers that Gary had been lying to them about when she goes to the room in a bid to find out who Gary is. They find a book where Frank wrote things. The incident makes them vote for removal of Gary from the house.

Both Malorie and Olympia give birth at the same time. The creature comes to the house immediately, but they keep themselves safe by covering their eyes. There are screams in the house. Malorie receives a call from Tom that there is a safe place near her home.

All the house members die after a while. It is only Malorie and the children who remain. They spend for years in this house as Malorie train them each day so that the children can listen better. After a while, the boy and girl can identify different sounds from their surroundings.

With the mature children, Malorie hopes who can now travel with them to go to the other safe house. They use a rowboat. After an encounter with different risks such as wolves and warring birds, they arrive at their destination. Malorie sees many blindfolded people but does not want her children to be blindfolded. Rick gives her the surety that they are not being blindfolded. She introduces the children, and the novel by Josh Malerman ends here.