Bless Me Ultima Summary

Bless Me Ultima Summary
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By Rudolfo Anaya, Bless me Ultima is the story of a boy who is Mexican American. It was published in 1972 and has even been adapted into a film. The novel is seen as rich in culture by teachers across various disciplines. It is based on time during the 1940s in New Mexico.

A Quick View of the Plot

The Protagonist is called Antonia Marez, and he is inquisitive about his age. He constantly thinks about what his destiny is. Antonio’s family is complicated, and his father’s family side does not get along with his mother`s. This creates confusion as to whom he should be loyal to.

A woman named Ultima arrives, and she has an owl. Ultima is gifted with Curandera’s power, who is an ancient being who fought evil. Ultima has arrived to spend time with family.

Antonio becomes witness to Lupito’s death. Lupito had gone crazy after WW2 and killed their town ‘s sheriff. He was hunted down by men and killed. This was too much for Antonio, and he starts doubting the existence of God.

Ultima starts mentoring him, and he loses faith even more. She showed him nature’s way and the healing power that could be drawn from the world. Her words stayed with him even as he transitioned to manhood. Antonio starts to doubt his catholic teachings from his mother.

Everything turns for the worse when Antonio sees Ultima curing his uncle, who had been cursed. A witch had cursed the man. As Ultima cured him, the dolls around came to life, and the uncle coughed out bile. This scene makes Antonio question his faith further and even starts doubting science. This was helped greatly by the fact that a priest and also a doctor had failed at making the man well, and Ultima and her herbs had succeeded.

Ultima gets into a certain conflict with Tenorio, and Antonia gets automatically dragged into it. It related to the uncle she had healed. Tenorio shares that Antonio’s uncle got his curse from his daughters. He, therefore, blames Ultima when one of the daughters turned up dead. Tenorio promises to avenge her death.

Antonia was learning from different teachers, Ultima, a Catechist, and also his teachers. He starts considering the existence of many different types of gods. Another tragedy befalls him. He is witness to the murder of his friend called Narciso at the hands of Tenorio. Another friend called Florence drowns in his presence.

Ultima and Tenorio get into a confrontation that ends in Ultima dying and Tenorio hunting down Antonio. Antonio’s uncle intervenes and stops Tenorio. Ultima was dying when Antonio rushed to her and asked to be blessed by her. She blesses him greatly. Antonio has a burial for Ultima’s owl.