A Short Bless Me Ultima Summary

A Short Bless Me Ultima Summary
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Bless me Ultima is a story by Rudolfo Anaya that is focused on a boy named Antonio, who is of Mexican-American descent. It is based in the middle 1940s. Now, peruse this short but detailed synopsis we have below.

Here Is a Detailed Plot Overview of the Story

Antonio Marez is a five-year-old who is wise enough to wonder about his destiny and analyzes the events that occurred during his birth. He was still too young to start school. This boy has dreams of witnessing a fight between two parties. One is his mother’s side of the family called the Luna who were farmers, and the other was a group from his father’s side called the Marez. He is confused where his loyalty should lie and seeks to know which of the two sides he shared a strong blood connection with.

The boy’s journey in the discovery is boosted after Ultima arrives. She had the nicknames, La Grande. Ultima shares the power of Curandera, an ancient one who healed using herbs and other secrets and fights against the evil of witches, named ‘brujas.’ Ultima had arrived so that she could spend the remainder of her life with family members who respected her.

After her arrival, things start becoming crazy for Marez. Antonio becomes witness to the death of Lupito, who was a murderer. World war II had made Lupito lose his head, and he resulted in killing the sheriff of the town. The town men responded by hunting him down and killed him. Antonio had witnessed it which was too much for a child his age. Antonio begins questioning God’s place in his world.

He continues to doubt the presence of God after spending time with Ultima who teaches him. She had taken Antonio into her tutorage and showed him the way of nature, the healing power and also the magic that was in the world. This was great information to Antonio. She told him things that would stick with him. Antonio began the journey to manhood under the guidance of Ultima and even began to doubts some of the beliefs that his mother a Catholic, raised him with.

The scene takes a horrific turn as Antonio becomes witness to Ultima being able to cure one of Antonio’s uncles. Ultima also sets the man free from a curse laid upon him by a witch. Some dolls that were around even come alive while the uncle spills bile from his mouth. This event further makes Antonio doubt the teachings and even questions his faith in God and even in science. This was because Ultima had become successful where the doctor and even their local priest had failed.

Later on, Ultima gets herself and Antonio into conflict with Tenorio, about battling the curse on Antonio’s uncle. This man is a villain from the entrance he makes into the scene. Ultima reveals that Antonio’s uncle had been cursed by the daughters of Tenorio. Tenorio hence blames Ultima after the death of one of his daughters. He vows to exact his revenge on Ultima.

Antonio is still learning from Ultima, the priest from his class at catechism and also the teachers he had in school. He begins wondering whether the notion that there is one God is false and whether the gods were multiple or even whether there were any gods at all.

Antonio witnesses another grim incident whereby his friend Narciso and his family are murdered by Tenorio. Not soon after this, his good friend named Florence drowns before him. These events make him question the universe. He was disturbed by the fact that the evil continued living while good people seemed to be getting punished. He would doubt any presence of a God and even their purpose if these things occurred.

The conflict between Tenorio and Ultima grows to a terrible point. Tenorio decides to have his vengeance. He first discovers that the soul of Ultima was in the Owl. Therefore he kills the owl. Antonio had arrived to warn his mentor Ultima but had arrived too late and finds that the owl had already been killed. Tenorio then attempts to kill the boy. Pedro, who is Antonio’s uncle takes Tenorio down before this. Ultima was now dying. Antonia asks for her blessing before she passed on. Ultima gives him a powerful blessing. Antonio later conducts the burial of the owl according to Ultima’s request, and the story ends.