Book of Job Short Summary

Book of Job Short Summary
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Job, who lives in Uz is a wealthy man. He had a large family, huge flocks, and lives a righteous life. Satan goes to God, arguing to get a chance to punish Job. Satan believes that with problems, Job can turn his back against God. Consequently, God permits Satan to put Job to test. The condition is that Satan should not kill Job.

That same day, Job receives four messages of misfortunes. The livestock, all the servants, and the ten children have all died from different misfortunes. Job begins mourning. However, he does not say anything negative about God. Satan requests to test Job further. This time, Job gets terrible skin infections. Even though Job’s wife encourages him to speak ill against God, Job still praises God in this situation.

The job receives a visit from Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, his friends. In solidarity with the job, they all stay silent for seven days. On the 11th day, they share their thoughts on Job’s situation. Job does not say anything against God.

However, Job only complains that he should not have been born in the first place. Eliphaz feels that Job may have committed a serious sin and is being punished. What his friends say make Job feel worse. For instance, Zophar claims that Job must have done a wrong that disserves even greater punishment than what he was going through.

Job responds to the words from his friends by calling them “worthless physicians.” Job then goes on to question how God Relates to Humans. He does not understand why God passes harsh judgment on humans instead of forgiving their deeds. Job later says that he is not in a position to explain what happened as he does not understand his situation. He hopes there is someone that can plead his case to God.

Job’s friends find Job disrespectful by questioning God. Through all the criticism from friends, Job remains confident. He says that there is a Redeemer in heaven who knows he has done nothing wrong. Elihu also says Job is spending much time defending himself.

God gives answers to Job through a whirlwind. Job is satisfied with the responses from God. God forgives Job’s friends for their little understanding. After that, Job’s problems end, and he receives more wealth from God than what he previously owned. He also got new children and lived for many years.