Cathedral Analysis

‘Cathedral’ by Carver portrays the narrator as a self-absorbed man. He is not excited about the visit by his wife’s friend Robert who is blind. He argues that blind people make him uncomfortable because he has no experience with them. He is concerned about how Roberts’ visit will affect him…

Cathedral Essay

In the short story Cathedral, Raymond Carver is telling a story about two different individuals. The main characters are a blind person Robert and a narrator with good sight. The way the narrator perceives Robert clearly demonstrates that the narrator is discriminating against him because of his blindness. The narrator…

Jack: Character Analysis

Raymond Carver’s short story collection “Cathedral” utilizes complex characterization to underline consistent interrelated themes of unemployment, alcoholism, separation, relationship breakdown, and despair. The focus of this paper is to critically evaluate Carver’s use of Jack’s narration in “Feathers” in the context of Jack’s relationship with other characters and consider what…

Cathedral vs Two Kinds: Compare & Contrast

     Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral’ is a story of catharsis, in which the narrators’ pent up emotions find an outlet in an almost mystical encounter with a blind man.      It is the narrator who is blind to the richness of life. His ignorance is a deliberate defense mechanism against its’…

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