Citizen Kane Short Summary

Citizen Kane Short Summary
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Citizen Kane is a book by Orson Welles. The plot begins with Kane in conflict with himself for the lack of happiness he experienced as a child. He blames Thatcher for the lack of love. Kane had purchased the newspaper to hurt Thatcher. Kane is also in a battle with a political rival called Jim Getty. This conflict determines the mayoral race and also the future of his family with Kane’s wife Emily, whom he cheated on with a woman named Susan. Kane is successful but lacks joy.

The power he gains is his attempt in filling the void in him, and therefore that is why he decided to run for office. He is a broken man on the inside but still fights to gain more power and possession. Kane understands that his failure in getting back the few remaining joyous parts of his life will result in loneliness. The main source of conflict to be resolved is ‘Hannah is Rosebud.’ Kane is lonely and sad and seeks a mother’s love a mother whom he had no idea he had.

The answer “Rosebud” solves the conflict and also the final word that Kane mumbles. Kane has trouble relating to others since the only happiness he had was during childhood.

Rosebud is a sled he loved and was the last thing Kane touched before being snatched from their home. Kane shoves his sled against Thatcher as a way of resisting him. Kane’s life changes completely. When he dies, he drops a snow globe that represents the link between Kane’s childhood and his adult life. This snow globe reveals how he met Susan initially, and then he has thought about his mother whom he did not speak to. ‘Rosebud’ among his other possessions are burnt after his death.