Common Sense Short Summary

Common Sense Short Summary
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In the piece, Thomas Paine focuses on the issues of morality and politics. The author begins by giving the distinction between how society and the government operates. In his argument, the government becomes necessary as society continues to develop. Naturally, humans are evil and need things that can control them. Laws are crucial in controlling human behavior. The author sees it sensible to have the British monarch.

In the next section, the author gives his assessment of the monarch. He starts by stating that during creation, people were made equal. The system in Britain where people are categorized as either subjects or kings is not right according to Paine. Thomas gives his examination of the things that have gone wrong because of the monarchs. He claims that there were leaders who only plaid the role of giving positions and leading people towards poverty.

The author delves on the hostile confrontations that happened between Britain and America. He suggests that there should be laws in place to create togetherness through representation. Paine has an optimistic view of the operation of the American Military.

Paine feels that the argument that America has been on the path towards development under British rule is far-fetched. In his view, Britain has been in control of America for their economic gain. American has developed enough and does not need Britain. Besides, Britain has been attacking its colonies instead of helping them.

Paine says that it is now time to break from Britain. He says that America can build a navy that is the same size as that of Britain. Moreover, the size of America is small, and people can unite. It is time for America to gain its independence. However, they are only covering up problems that may reemerge in the future.

A government should be formed made of representatives from the different colonies. Paine opines that America does not get its due respect due to its status as a British colony. America is viewed as a country that is made of rebels and is not in a position to associate with other countries productively. For more prosperity, the colonies should be independent. Other countries may be willing to help America to fight for freedom. As such, these colonies need to declare their independence. That is how the piece ends.