David and Goliath Short Summary

David and Goliath Short Summary
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There was an Israelite king named Saul who kept disregarding God’s commands. Therefore, God requested Samuel to look for a new king to replace Saul. Samuel anointed Jesse’s youngest son, David as Israel’s future king. In the meantime, the Israelites and their king, Saul, were not in good terms with the Philistines.

Consequently, the Israelites and the Philistines gathered for battle fighting against each other at a place known as the valley of Leah. Unfortunately for the Israelites, the Philistines had numerous giants fighting in their army, with the biggest and strongest one being Goliath. Goliath was accustomed to taunting the Israelites and challenged them to bring forth their strongest soldier to fight him. He made an offer that the soldier that would win would become the other’s master.

Saul, together with his army, was scared of Goliath. However, a boy named David, who had been sent to take food to his brothers by his father Jesse heard Goliath challenging the Israelite army for single combat. David then decides to fight Goliath. However, Saul is concerned that David is an inexperienced boy, yet the giant has many years of battle experience. David then informs Saul that God had protected him while fighting bears and lions as he guarded his father’s sheep. For this reason, God would still keep him safe in the battle against Goliath.

After much persuasions, Saul finally gives in to David’s demand to fight Goliath. David then dressed in heavy armor to offer protection from Goliath. However, he found the armor too heavy since it prevented him from walking. David took the armor off and headed to a nearby stream where he picked five smooth stones and placed them in his pouch. David then approached Goliath with his sling. Goliath was by then hurling insults and threatened him.

David then said to Goliath that he (Goliath) had come against him with a spear, a sword, and a javelin, but for him (David), had come before and against him in the name of the Almighty, the Lord of Israel, whom the Philistines had defied. He then informs him that God would deliver the Philistines into David’s hands and that he would strike Goliath down. However, those warnings did not deter Goliath. As Goliath moved to attack him, David reached out for the pouch and removed a stone. He put it into the slingshot and shot at Goliath. The pebble went into Goliath’s forehead, killing him instantly. After that David stood on Goliath’s corpse and cut his head off.