Analysis of the Relationship Between Linda and Willy

Analysis of the Relationship Between Linda and Willy
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The play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller is of particular interest due to the fact that it gives the reader an opportunity to reflect on many important life issues, including the idea of the American dream. In addition, the play gives a picture of the husband-wife relationship between Linda and Willy. Their relationship can be regarded as extremely interesting. Both spouses love each other, but their love is expressed in different ways. Willy’s emotional stinginess towards Linda is complemented by Linda’s emotional sensibility in relation to Willy. Linda loves her husband unconditionally and shows an amazing understanding, tolerance, care and tenderness in relation to Willy. It is Linda who makes their union stronger, because she is Willy’s faithful companion who always trying to encourage Willy in the most difficult time.

Throughout his life, Willie tried to implement his American dream. He dreamed of becoming a rich and successful man. However, this dream did not come true because Willy always believed that pleasant appearance and charisma are the key to success: “Because the man who makes an appearance in the business world, the man who creates personal interest, is the man who gets ahead” (Miller). Willy ignores the reality in which he lives and does not realize that he is an ordinary person who has no special features that can make him rich and successful. In this regard, his wife Linda is extremely important for their family. Unlike Willy, she understands the reality in which they live. Linda saw her husband’s long way to success as well as his failure when, due to his age Willy has ceased to be of interest for his company. She is the only person who is able to understand and support Willy in difficult times. Linda forgives Willy his rude attitude towards her.

Moreover, she demands their sons to show love and care to their father as well as to her: “Biff, dear, if you do not have any feeling for him, then you can not have any feeling for me.” Her kindness, care and tenderness towards Willy does not know limits. Willy understands this and recognizes that Linda is his faithful companion who always supports him. Linda and Willy have a very close relationship. When Willie commits suicide, he brings his wife immense suffering. This suffering is also linked to the fact that Willy is dying at the moment when the couple can finally say goodbye to their debts. They can finally call themselves “free,” but at this moment, Linda is one without her dear husband. That is why her tears are so bitter, and she does not understand why her husband has committed such a terrible act since now they are really “free… free…”

To sum up, Linda has always believed in her husband and hoped that he would succeed. However, when Willy failed in the harsh world of commerce and business Linda remained the only person who was always able to understand him and provide moral support. Both spouses were waiting for the moment when they could return all the debts but, ironically, Linda is forced to meet this moment in her bitter solitude. Willy made a fatal mistake by believing that charisma is a guarantee of success…

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