Death of a Salesman Brief Summary

Death of a Salesman Brief Summary
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Willy Loman is an old salesman that has just returned early from a business trip. After nearly causing accidents severally, he realizes he should no longer drive. His wife, Linda, also notices his frustration and recommends that he gets a transfer to New York.

Later in the night, willy starts hallucinating about the past. He believes in the idea that being popular is the key to success, not hard work and dedication. No wonder he spends 34 years trying to be an excellent salesman to please his employer. Linda admits to Willy that the family is facing financial turmoil and they need to get back on their feet quickly. She also accuses his sons, especially Biff for being the source of their father’s problems.

Biff then decides to talk to Bill Oliver, a former employer, about getting a loan to start a business. This makes willy extremely joyous. The next day, willy meets his boss to get a transfer but instead gets fired. He starts hallucinating again about some of his past encounters.

Moments later, willy meets biff, happy and Oliver in a restaurant. He was expecting to hear the good news about Biff. However, he is again disappointed and drifts into the past once again whereby he remembers the moment Biff discovered his affair with “the woman” in a Boston hotel. While still hallucinating, Happy and Biff leave with some women.

Willy goes back home to start working on his new garden at night. Linda sends biff and Happy away from home. Biff then goes to his father while at the garden and informs him that he is leaving for good. They have a heated argument, and biff finally tells his father that they are just ordinary people. They two of them then reconcile. Ben after that reappears to Loman and reminds him of the insurance policy. Willy decides to drive away. The last scene shows Charley, Bernard, and The Lomans gathered at Willy’s grave.