Happy Loman Character Analysis: Understanding Him

Happy Loman Character Analysis: Understanding Him
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Happy Loman is willy’s youngest son. He is a seasoned womanizer who boosts his fragile self-image by acclaiming success which he has not achieved. Despite his promises to make a change in his life for the better and please his father, willy, he cannot do anything to salvage his situation.

Within the play, happy is around 32 years old. Is two years younger than his brother Biff. He emulates his father in a couple of ways. First, he believes in his father’s theory that success comes from being likable rather than hard work. However, he constantly lives under the shadow of Biff & Willy seems to focus on Biff’s ideas through the entire play. He is only proud of being Willy’s salesman assistant. Additionally, he props his accomplishments by bragging about his sexual exploits even though his life has not amounted to anything.

All his dreams of being a successful fail, and even though he possesses all the hallmarks of material success, he still feels unfulfilled. It is believed that this disenchantment lies in the fact that he finally admits to biff upon being confronted. All this time he has claimed to be an assistant buyer until Biff tells him the truth that he is only the assistant to an assistant. No material possession he has gained can protect him from the reality of his occupation within the world of business.

Happy is a gallant womanizer. However, he always disdains the women he has conquered. Earlier on in the play as he goes to sleep in the room he shared with Biff as a child, they talk about their sexual conquests.

Later on, when he and his brother meet their father for dinner, willy seems like he is experiencing an emotional turmoil. He has just learned about his dismissal from his job. However, biff and happy abandon their father while at the restaurant to pursue their sexual interests with the women they have just met at the restaurant.
From the story, Happy Loman also believes in the American dream of extreme martial possessions. However, through his behavior, one can notice some shortcomings. The tragic flaws of Happy Loman include being almost like his father. He is unrealistic, over-confident, shallow as well as completely clueless about his real identity.

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