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Divine Comedy

Why does Virgil crown and miters Dante on reaching the earthly paradise? At this point Dante is crowned by Virgil after passing through the various stages of purgatory. Here is the last level in purgatory after the valley of Princes. The author and Virgil have scaled through the various levels of the mountain and passed […]
Introduction The divine comedy that consists of three significant sections namely, “Inferno, Purgatoria and Paradiso” tends to have a strong relationship between classical and Christian culture (Grafton 251). The comedy seems to have a classical sense because it has a happy conclusion. The series of the comedy depicts a journey from hell until the believers […]
Introduction Nature has various ways in which it can be explained. The Christians will largely follow the Genesis Bible, while Dante had his own way explaining at a different version. Dante Alighieri was born in 1265 to 1321 and wrote his poem the divine comedy during the thirteen years of his life while he was […]
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