Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Short Summary

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Short Summary
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The book is composed by Philip K. Dick and has a story that takes place in San Francisco. All the animals on earth have been destroyed. Most people have moved to mars while others are left on earth to die slowly. Having a natural pet on earth is considered a luxury. There are androids disguised as humans. They help people work in the other planets but are mot allowed on earth. However, some have sneaked to the earth, and it is hard to differentiate them from other humans. There are officers on earth with the responsibility to identify and kill these androids. The only way to know them is through interrogation as the androids do not show empathy.

Rick Deckard is one of the officers hunting the androids. His dream is to own real animal and not the electric sheep they own with his wife, Iran. The readers also encounter a man called John Isidore, who follows a religion invented by Wilbur Mercer.

Rick receives a sermon and information about the murder of another office called Dave Holden by an android called Polokov. The android, together with five colleagues, escaped from mars. It is hard to predict their behavior, and Rick is expected to kill them fast. He goes to Seattle and discovers that Eldon Rosen is an android together with Rachael Rosen. John Isidore also meets a woman called Pris Stratton, who is unaware of the things that happen on earth.

In San Francisco, there is a Soviet Police that is also on a mission to hunt androids. It is later that Rick realizes the Police is Polokov. He shoots Pokolov dead. Luba Luft is an android but believes she is human. Rick is captured and taken to a police station. Phil Resch and Garland interrogate him. He discovers that Resch is also an android, Resch kills Garland claiming he is an android. Resch does not have an idea he is an android as they escape with Rick. They find Luba inside a museum and Resch kills her.

When Rick gets enough money from hunting androids, he purchases a pet goat. Later Rick had sex with Rachel, knowing she is an android but finding it hard to kill her. Rick makes much money from android hunting. He later takes a toad to Iran, but Iran is discovered to be a fake. The story ends there.