Dracula Brief Summary

Dracula Brief Summary
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Dracula is a fictional novel by Abraham “Bram” Stoker. The plot opens with a Lawyer named Jonathan Harker traveling to Transylvania. He intends to help Count Dracula with the legalities of real estate in England. Dracula had the intentions of relocating to England.  The Lawyer is impressed by his castle and the politeness Dracula displayed. Soon he is freaked out by Dracula’s ability to talk to wolves and the fact that there were no servants in the castle. Dracula seemed to live alone. Harker soon becomes a prisoner in the Count’s castle.

He tries to escape one night but is discovered by three female vampires (Dracula’s brides) who almost devour him. He is rescued by Dracula and realizes that Dracula only kept him until the transactions were complete. He makes a successful second escape attempt and narrowly survives. He does not head back to England right away. He becomes ill and is nursed for weeks in Hungary at a convent.

In England, Harker has a fiancé named Mina who was spending time with Lucy, her close friend in a town by the sea. Jonathan has not contacted Mina for a while, and she is worried. Lucy, on the other hand, is proposed to by three different men; Arthur Holmwood, Quincy Morris, and Dr. Seward. She accepts Arthur as her fiancé.

Dracula arrives in England but remains unnoticed. He aims to hunt down Jonathan and his associates. He begins by secretly drinking Lucy’s blood. Dr. Seward realizes that she is getting weaker and does not know where her blood is going. He seeks assistance from his mentor, Professor Van Helsing who immediately realizes that it was a vampire is doing. He studied superstitions and ancient philosophy, which has taught him how to kill vampires. Lucy dies after being attacked by a wolf. Van Helsing is aware she is not dead. He tells her close friends what he knows, and they hunt her down and drive a stake into her heart. Jonathan and his wife shortly join them, and they all collectively decide to hunt down and kill Count Dracula.

Dracula feeds on Mina severally and can control her by forcing her to take his blood. Jonathan retaliates by destroying the Count’s lair in England and in so doing force Dracula to Transylvania. The three brides try convincing Mina to become one of them. However, Van Helsing kills them. They then focus on Dracula. They discover he was in a box being transported to his castle. Harker slits the Count’s throat. His friend drives a knife through Dracula’s heart. Dracula’s connection with Mina is broken. Harker and Mina name their child after the heroes who saved her from Dracula.