Ender’s Game Short Summaryf

Ender’s Game Short Summaryf
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By Orson Scott Card, the American author, Enders Game is a science fiction novel. It was published in 1985 and has later been adapted into a film. The book is about a future time whereby the earth is being invaded by aliens who conflict with humankind.

The story begins with Ender beating up a bully in school going by the name Stilson. Some military recruiters see this and decide that he should be the leader of an army which is intended to go and fight the aliens named buggers.

Ender’s life is somewhat complicated. He has a protective sister called Valentine, and on the other hand, a brother called Peter who seeks to murder him. Colonel Hyrum takes Enders away to a school of battle. Ender encounters a new bully there and fights him too and further humiliates him by spreading rumors.

Ender succeeds in the school, which is located in space and excels at surpassing those older than him. However, he is lonely. He later comes to make some friends with some other kids, one of them named Alai. Ender then gets transferred to join the Salamander army, and he has no friends again. His commander does not like him, and this makes it even harder. Ender comes to meet Petra. She teaches him the skill of shooting in zero gravity. This game made Ender attract much attention from school. Ender practices this game and is later transferred to the Rat Army. He comes across Dink Meeker who makes him learn that it was just a game.

On earth, the siblings Valentine and the brother Peter are all over the internet for expressing their opinions about the situation online. Ender gets granted command over a small unit for playing the game and names it Dragon army. The Dragon army wins several times and keeps winning even when the odds are against them. Ender even manages to beat Bonzo, the commander at this game. The commander is furious and attempts on Enders life. Ender beats Bonzo up and later feels bad for it.

Ender and his team become introduced to new simulation and get asked to play and win. As it turns out, the simulation was a real-life war, and Ender was killing buggers believing it was a game. He later comes to know the truth and is sad about it. Valentine offers him a chance to go to another colony with her, and he accepts. Ender discovers a suspicious message from the buggers, which is suspicious because he thought he killed all. They had left a bugger in the pupa stage for him with the hope they could start their species again.