Enuma Elish Short Summary

Enuma Elish Short Summary
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The story is considered among some of the oldest stories in the universe. It focuses on the origin of the gods, the process of universe creation, and the existence of the humans. In the beginning, there is only water that moves in chaos. Consequently, this water is subdivided into the fresh sweet part given the name god Apsu and the salty, bitter part called goddess Tiamat. Due to the separation, other gods come into existence.

The young gods make much noise, which makes it hard for Apsu to sleep at night. As a result, Apsu cannot work properly during the day either. When Apsu consults god Quingu, she is advised to wage war against the younger gods. On the other hand, Tiamat gives Quingu a reward of Tablets of Destiny. Therefore, Quingu can now rule the other gods legitimately. Now that Tiamat feels powerful, she summons chaotic forces and champions the creation of 11 horrible monsters that are meant to lead the destruction of her children.

The war between Tiamat, Enki, when Tiamat is assisted by the other younger gods to go on for a long time. The younger gods appear to be losing. However, Marduk swears to go on with the war until they become victorious. Marduk shoots and kills Tiamat using an error. In the process, Quingu is also defeated. It is believed that Tiamat’s eyes are the sources of the Rivers Euphrates and Tigris. Marduk uses the body of Tiamat to create heaven and earth. To make sure that his reign is legitimate, Marduk picks the “Tablets of Destiny” that Quingu had.

Marduk receives much praise from the other gods because of the victory against Quingu and Tiamat. Besides, his creation is also praised. By consulting Ea, also known as the god full of wisdom, Marduk intends to create humans. The point is to use the remains from the god that facilitated Tiamat to begin a war. Therefore, Quingu is killed, resulting in the creation of Lulu from the blood obtained. Lulu is given responsibility as the first man to control the chaos. It is Ea who came up with the idea of creating humans. However, Marduk is the one in control of all the activities that take place. Marduk organizes the activities that take place in the netherworld by taking the gods to the different stations where they are expected to operate from.