Everyday Use

Dee: Character Analysis

From Dee to Wangero: A Character Analysis of Faux Heritage Alice Walker’s short story, “Everyday Use” presents an African American mother waiting on her front yard for the return of a daughter that the reader is left to understand has bettered herself a great deal compared with the rest of…

Maggie and Dee: Character’s Analysis

Style of Dee “Everyday use” is an anthologized short story by author Alice Walker about a not so lucky family that is struggling to make ends meet. The story is all about the life of a mother and her two daughters, Maggie, who lives a traditional life in the rural…

Everyday Use Summary

An Examination of “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker “Everyday Use” is a story by Alice Walker that focuses on the lives of three African American women in the late 1960s. The group consists of a mother and two daughters. One of the daughters (Maggie) lives with the mother in the…

Everyday Use Short Summary

Everyday Use is a short story by Alice Walker. The story was published in 1973 together with others as part of a collection called In Love and Trouble. It is told in the first person from the view of “Mama,” who is African American and mother to two daughters –…

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