The Symbolism in Everyday Use Essay

The Symbolism in Everyday Use Essay
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There is a need to focus on themes presented by an author and use them to determine the significance of a particular book. The focus will be on the story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker. The aim will be to highlight the styles presented by the writer and how significant this is as far as literature is concerned. The focus will be on how the author diversifies on his or her writing in presenting a certain theme. The diverse nature of any literate piece is essential to any reader; the manner in which the reader interacts with a story will determine whether a story is effective.

Symbolism is another aspect utilized by the author to represent political and historic events. Dee symbolizes those literate in society. Maggie who is Dee’s sister represents a generation that is enrooted to their traditions and social class. The inequality presented by their mother in subjecting one child to an educational system while the other denied education is symbolic. The mother represents a nation that applies double standards. The society in question subjects other citizens to privileges and ignores a large population. The fire that affected Maggie is a metaphor in that the author uses it to receive the suffering within social classes in a country. The fight for civil rights is represented across all generations presented by the other. The author acknowledges that society and uses symbolism to express his feelings. The story is recommended as the author expresses his thoughts through different literature aspects.

The story is recommended as it highlights the plight of individuals within a community. On the other hand, the author utilized different aspects, which are essential in a literature study. The use of dialogue indicates the diversity presented by the author in expressing her views. Different styles utilized by the others are effective as they connect the characters to the theme of the story. The author plays part in describing family struggles. While engaging with the story it is evident to the reader that different literature aspects should be utilized. Through the story, the author manages to express the responsibilities of a family and symbolically use the mother in the narration to represent authority and the political spaces. The first person narrative deployed by the author is effective as it describes the unique nature of the author.

 In conclusion, I would recommend the story given that it is effective in the manner in which the reader interacts with the story and the diverse nature of the author. Aspects of equality and economic struggles are presented in a unique manner.  In this case, the author indicates a generational change where the same problem has persisted along the family line. The story is effective as the heading in a metaphor. It represents the daily struggles of the community in question. The author uses dialogue to break the monotony associated with the first-person narration. The author utilizes the first person narrative to explore Dee and her sister. The story should be effective while discussing different elements of literature writing, thus I recommend this story to any reader willing to learn different literature writing aspects.