Everyman Short Summary

Everyman Short Summary
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Everyman by Petrus Dorlandus is a play that was written during the late years 15th century. It only consists of one-act. The play is about the time Everyman appears in the presence of God. The book later became published in the year 2006. The play is set during the era of Catholicism.

The Summarized Plot

The story begins with the death of a man who was having surgery. This man had been divorced thrice and had undergone several previous operations. At his funeral, the family is in attendance; the kids Lonny, Nancy and Randy, a brother named Howie, the man’s ex-wife called Phoebe and his former nurse by the name Maureen whom the man got involved with.

Time shifts to this man’s mid-thirties. He is taking a vacation with phoebe whom he loves, and this affair was the cause of the first divorce. He feels guilty of abandoning his ex-wife and their children. While seeking medical help and learns that he had almost lost his life as his appendix had exploded.

Everyman lives twenty-two years without any health issues, and then he gets ill. This time he had heart problems. The man is feeling bad from watching the death of his old man and believes it is part of the problem. He goes through surgery, and during this time, he comes across Maureen, as a nurse. She encourages him, which was more than he could say about his wife, and this sparks a relationship.

When the father of this man passes away, he starts thinking about oblivion. Everyone has to meet death at some point, whether religious or nonreligious. He goes nine years characterized with healthy living but is soon back for a heart operation. Later, he moves to a home for retirement and starts painting. He falls out with his sons, but constantly misses Nancy, the daughter.

He frequently gets sick at home. Everyman starts teaching painting and Millicent, one student of his takes her own life, sending him into thoughts about death. Everyman envies his brother’s health. He soon stops painting. Now lonely, he gets married to Meret. She is not supportive, and they fall out.

Everyman starts suffering depression, and on learning about one of his mates dying from illnesses, he is further affected and soon requires another surgery. He goes to the graves of his folk to face mortality and meets a gravedigger, and they talk. At surgery, he dies even though he faced it with confidence. The book is mainly about how inevitable death is.