Argumentative Essay on Fahrenheit 451

Argumentative Essay on Fahrenheit 451
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In terms of societal values, evolving culture and the tranny of the masses are we on our way to becoming a dystopian Fahrenheit 451 society?

“Dystopia” is the term used to conceptualize a society that is in a controlled and authoritarian state. In a dystopian society, humans tend to abuse technology and lack expertise or the ability to deal with technology. We are on our way to becoming a dystopian Fahrenheit 451 society in terms of continued censorship, mindlessness, and rapid advancement of society accompanied with rapid derogation of society.

Control and restriction are inherent features of a dystopian society. This control has become eminent in the contemporary society in the form of continued existence of censorship. “[A]dvertising and other media techniques are bent on artificially stimulating the consumption of grandiose images of the self within the city itself” (Bradbury 60). Information in books and ideas in media are censored. The worst part of the story is that censorship is reinforced as a requirement of ethics. While news are manipulated for political concerns, ads that project women as objects of sex can be frequently seen. Projection of women as sex objects in the name of moderation and women’s empowerment is also censorship.

In the contemporary society, media controls the minds of people. People believe what they see. Understanding this, the agencies in control of media show what they like people to believe and hide what they don’t want people to believe. This presents evil in disguise of nobility and vice versa. People have been stereotyped as terrorists not because they have done something offensive, but because they belong to a certain religion. Lately, there has been a lot of emphasis upon a war against terrorism. “[T]he threat of war is forever reinforced by media, even though there is no clear reason for such a war, nor is there any sense of the identity of the enemy” (Bradbury 38). This is the height of mindlessness. People act like dummies in the hands of media. Over the time, people have become mindless just like a dystopian Fahrenheit 451 society would require them to be.

Technology in a dystopian society advances at a much faster pace than humans’ spirituality. Rather than progressing spiritually with the advancement of technology, humans have indeed shown a reverse pattern, thus causing the moral derogation of society at an equal pace. “This technology, like fire, can vastly increase man’s power, but it can also exceed the capacity of mankind to control it, and so become a destroyer” (Bradbury 17). Over the centuries, the world has become a much insecure place to live in. Instead of using technology to create peace, technology has been employed to create violence. Comparison of the advancement of technology and derogation of society, it can be safely said that we are on our way to becoming a dystopian Fahrenheit 451 society.
Concluding, our society is rapidly transforming into a dystopian Fahrenheit 451 society considering the sustained censorship, lack of thoughtfulness and increased technological power along with moral backwardness. People have lived in a controlled setup for such a long time that they have eventually become dummies in the hands of the system. Increase of violence all over the world is a consequence of the abuse of technology. All these factors confirm propagation towards a dystopian Fahrenheit 451 society.

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