The Fault In Our Stars Short Summary

The Fault In Our Stars Short Summary
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By John Green, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is a young adults’ novel. It received publication in 2012. Ever since then, it has achieved much success to the point of being made a movie in 2014. This is the tale of the life of Hazel Grace, a certain teenager who has thyroid cancer.

A Look Through into the Plot

The story starts with Hazel, a teenage girl in all sense of the word except that she has cancer of the body and lungs. She normally attends a support group. On one occasion, she gets intrigued by Augustus, who was new to the meeting. They get to talking and also some flirting. Soon they start talking every time. Hazel even reveals to Augustus, her favorite book, and they discuss how it has an unclear ending.

Augustus finds a way to contact the novel’s author. Hazel emails him, and soon they arrange a meet. Hazel becomes invited to Amsterdam by this author to talk about his book’s ending. Elsewhere, Isaac is friends with the two. Isaac was also facing a challenge that he had to sacrifice his sight to be free of cancer. This makes Monica, his flame, leave him as she cannot handle being with him after he became blind.

Augustus informs Hazel about his last wish, which an organization grants children who are dying from cancer. He planned to spend it on taking Hazel to see the author in Amsterdam. The news overjoys Hazel, but her over-protective parent and also her worried doctors have to get on board. It is decided that Hazel’s mom would accompany the two. Augustus tries to kiss Hazel, but the girl panics and pulls away. She explains to Augustus about how she resembles a time bomb just waiting to explode and would hurt everyone around her. Augustus understands but continues flirting with Hazel.

When they arrive, they meet the book’s author, and he was currently drunk. This upsets Hazel, but the man’s assistant guides them as they explore Amsterdam. Augustus and Hazel share a kiss. Augustus later breaks the news that his cancer had made a return, and it was worse. His health is getting worse, and he has little time left. Hazel and their friend Isaac write Eulogies for Augustus and share them with him. Hazel sticks around until he passes.

At Augustus’ funeral, Hazel spots Peter, the author, and they get to talking. She learns that he had also lost a daughter to cancer. This made Hazel understand his behavior. Hazel later finds out that Augustus had also composed his Eulogy for her.