Faust Short Summary

Faust Short Summary
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe focuses on a man that fails to fit the definition of a hero. At the beginning of the poem, Faust possesses strong beliefs and is hungry to acquire knowledge. He values critical thinking since he is a well-learned person.

As the poem begins, Faust feels disillusioned as he cannot find the true meaning of life. Despite the numerous worldly achievements he has, he is frustrated because of the thoughts he has mastered, and he is still unable to understand the meaning behind the many things that happen in life. In a bid to get more meaning from life, Faust has a feeling that magic may offer more answers to his life inquiries. As a result, he wants to trade his soul with the devil with the sole intention of getting more satisfaction from getting the answers to life’s questions.

The first step is to try and get the answers through emotional involvement. He has a love affair with Gretchen. However, the affair ends tragically through the death of Gretchen. The experience is a devastating foe, Faust. He then goes on to try to get satisfaction through worldly achievements and to get the ideas the world has to offer. Faust becomes an important person in the Imperial Court. In the process, he learns many things. There are also many victories he gets. Even with the many things that he is respected for, he does not attain the peace that he yearns for.

Even at the point of his death, Faust is still bitter and has a feeling of disillusionment. God admits him to heaven as a reward for his unending yearning to find out the truth about life and his resolute quest to believe that more things are powerful than himself.