Fences Short Summary

Fences Short Summary
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The first action of the play by August Wilson begins with two allies, Bono, and Troy, taking a Friday drink on a payday. Troy does not feel happy because their boss prevents him from driving the Garbage track. His work is to carry garbage only. The discussion shifts when Troy is accused by Bono for not being faithful to his wife, Rose who has a son called Cory.

Cory and Troy join a college football team. Troy gives a narration of how he defeated death in 1943. Lyon appears to get money. At that point, Troy gets reminded by Rose to complete building.

Troy and Cory embark on building a fence, and Cory informs Troy that he has quit his job at the grocery store. Troy does not feel happy about it and he refuses that Cory cannot play for the football team until he gets back work.

As the next scene begins, Troy is the garbage truck’s first colored driver. The two friends recall how they lived during their childhood. Cory comes back frustrated because Troy requested the coach not to allow him to play.

Gabriel is released from jail after being bailed by Troy. Bono helps Troy to build the fence since it is so important to Rose. Later on, Troy reveals to Bono that he has feelings for Alberta and later confesses to Rose about the same. Troy, Rose, and Cory get into a fight.

Six months later, Alberta is admitted to hospital, and Troy goes to visit her. Later, Troy gets informed by Rose that Gabriel had been sent away for the reason that Troy made mistakes when signing the papers. Alberta gives birth and the baby is given to Troy. Alberta’s death makes Troy feel bad. Though Rose accepts the baby, she declines to act as Troy’s wife.

Another payday arrives and Bono appears out of the blue. They are happy they completed the fence and that Bono bought his wife a refrigerator. Troy needs Cory to start being responsible by moving out and depend on himself. Cory refuses to leave claiming that the property belongs to Gabriel. However, Troy manages to throw him out.

Eight years later, Raynell, Alberta’s daughter, goes out to play in the garden. Troy is dead, but Cory does not attend his funeral. The play ends as Gabriel dances after escaping from a mental institution.